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I’m so excited that Undercover Duke is finally out! (On May 25th in case you missed it.) I feel as if I’ve been waiting forever to see your reactions to the resolution of the mystery and the conclusion to the romance between Vanessa and Sheridan. But while I’m enjoying the new book’s release, I’m also dealing with the page proofs for my Christmas novella, “When We Finally Kiss Good-Night” in A Yuletide Kiss. At the same time as that, I’m plotting the first book of my new series. That’s the reality of being an author—you have to keep three of your books in your head at all times: the one that’s out now, the one that’s still in production, and the one that’s just taking shape (or the one you’re actively writing). Thank goodness I’m used to juggling.

Thanks to all of you for buying, reading, and discussing my books, particularly Duke Dynasty, my latest series. Here’s hoping they give you many hours of reading enjoyment!



Harlequin Junkie recently asked me some interesting questions in an interview about Undercover Duke. They wanted to know if my book was optioned for a movie, which scene I would use to audition the main characters. I picked this one. It’s the first scene between Vanessa and Sheridan at the theater, and there’s a bit of banter. If I were auditioning characters, I’d have to make sure the leads had loads of chemistry!

The Scene: Vanessa turned in her seat so she could talk to Sheridan. “Mr. Juncker is such a brilliant writer that I have three or four favorite scenes in each play. That’s to be expected.”

“I would have thought you enjoyed the costumes most,” he said in a brittle undertone, “given your passion for fashion.”

To keep from losing her temper at him more visibly, she returned to watching the stage. Her “passion for fashion” indeed. Once again, he saw her as only a frivolous ninny. “And I would have thought you enjoyed the wit most,” she said archly. “But perhaps you need someone to explain it to you.”

Sheridan gave a low laugh that rumbled around in her body for a bit, making her feel all soft and mushy inside.

Then he whispered, “Is that your polite way of saying you think me witless, Miss Pryde?”

“Oh, was I polite? That was unintentional.”

Check out the rest of the interview here.

Undercover Duke


Regency Tidbit

If you ride horses or deal with them regularly, you might already know the info in this tidbit (even so, you might find this more detailed article interesting. For the rest of you, here’s something you may not know. Horses were used in different capacities in the Regency. That’s why Sheridan considers raising money by selling some of his. A gentleman might have saddle horses for riding and carriage horses for pulling his carriage. A rich gentleman might also have Thoroughbreds for racing. Then, if their racing days are over, the owner might keep them for putting out to stud and charge stud fees. So Sheridan kept the moneymaking horses and (very sadly) sold some of the saddle horses.

Regency Tidbit

News from Romancelandia

The summer months always bring great historical romance books. So, if you need to stock up on summer reads, here are a few notables to check out from some of my author friends!
  • My critique partner Deb Marlowe’s Castle Keyvnor and the Pixies Trilogy came out recently, and it contains three stories of adventurous, Regency romance with a dash of Pixie magic! It’s available in Paperback or in eBook for only $2.99. Take a look!
  • Madeline Hunter, my co-author in the upcoming holiday anthology, recently completed her two-book A Duke’s Heiress series with the publication of Heiress in Red Silk. The cover is positively striking!
  • Janna MacGregor’s new Widow Rules series officially begins June 29 with the publication of A Duke in Time. But first, readers can download a FREE prequel called “Where There’s a Will” that will introduce the new characters. Download the freebie here!
  • Megan Frampton writes a steamy Regency romance, which I love. Take a look at her latest, A Wicked Bargain for the Duke, the third in her Hazards of Dukes series.

June Contest

I’ve got the picture-perfect prize to celebrate the release of Undercover Duke–a lovely Victorian print, a hand mirror ornament, miniature candle in a teacup, and an autographed copy of The Bachelor (Duke Dynasty, Book #2). Enter for a chance to win!


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