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It's August and the dog days of summer are upon us—which is rather appropriate in our case, because we have a brand new interview with animal lover and mystery writer Linda O. Johnston for you. Linda is the author of the Kendra Ballantyne Pet-Sitter mysteries for Berkley Prime Crime—learn more about her and her new mystery NOTHING TO FEAR BUT FERRETS in our exclusive interview.

Also spotlighted in August is Ayelet Waldman, whose latest book in her Mommy-Track mysteries, THE CRADLE ROBBERS, is out now. Don't miss her note to readers about this terrific read.

In addition, don't miss our mystery "extras"—the crossword puzzles, yummy recipes and fun craft tips found in our "Extras" section at www.berkleysignetmysteries.com —these fabulous extras are all courtesy of our multi-talented authors and can also be found on the pages of their books. This month, there are new tips from our coffeeshop and tea shop mysteries LATTE TROUBLE by Cleo Coyle and THE JASMINE MOON MURDERS. Check back regularly—new extras are added every month!

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August News from Berkley Prime Crime & Signet Mysteries


A Pet-Sitter Mystery
Linda O. Johnston

Attorney-turned-freelance-pet-sitter Kendra Ballantyne has found a corpse in a client's apartment, and it's up to her to prove the innocence of the obvious suspects: her client's furry ferrets.

Read this month's interview with Linda O. Johnston at www.berkleysignetmysteries.com.


A Mommy-Track Mystery
Ayelet Waldman

Ayelet Waldman's one-of-kind sleuth tracks the mysterious whereabouts of a missing infant to a widespread, top- secret puzzle that's nothing to play with.

Read a letter from Ayelet Waldman at www.berkleysignetmysteries.com.


Third in the Serenity Falls Trilogy
James A. Moore

Abby has her hands full at Jillian's wedding doing triple duty as florist, bridesmaid, and grandma-sitter—all while wearing a horrendous flowered creation that makes her look like a clown. But the real trouble starts when the groom's ninety-year-old grandmother goes missing from the reception. While hunting for her, Abby turns up the body of Jack Snyder, one of the guests, behind the pulpit in the gazebo. And when Abby's assistant Grace finds her new boyfriend a suspect, Abby decides she has to discover who killed Jack in the pulpit!


A Crime of Fashion Mystery
Ellen Byerrum

Home of the helmet hairdo and congressional comb-over, Washington, D.C. is a hotbed of fashion faux pas. If anyone should know, it's "Crimes of Fashion" columnist Lacey Smithsonian. She dishes out advice to the scandal-scorched and clothing-clueless, doing her part to change this town—one fashion victim at a time...

With a romantic weekend ahead of her, Lacey promises her ...once a cop always a cop... boyfriend that she'll stay out of trouble...but she sashays right into it. She's set up an interview with reality TV makeover success story Amanda Manville. The inside skinny on the supermodel is that Amanda is a prima prima donna. But the daunting diva actually begs for Lacey's help in stopping a deadly stalker. As if Lacey doesn't have enough on her hands with her mother and sister visiting...But since acting sensible is for ugly shoes, she steps right in—and learns that sometimes makeovers can be murder...


First time in Paperback!
Glenville Lovell

With its introduction of ex-cop Blades Overstreet, Glenville Lovell's first mystery, Too Beautiful to Die, was called a "page-turner" (New York Daily News) and "stylish entertainment" (Booklist). Now Lovell is back, with a timely novel of a brilliant young African-American politician gunned down as his career is about to take off.


Libby Fischer Hellmann, Stuart M. Kaminsky (ed.), Elaine Viets and others.

These all-new short stories of movies, music, murder, and mayhem by today's brightest talents will take you from vaudeville to Vegas, and make it chillingly clear that in the world of entertainment, if you want to make it, you may have to step on some people- or over their dead bodies.


A Peggy Jean Turner Mystery
Kate Borden

It's Thanksgiving—and it's not just the turkey who's in danger.

As tourists arrive at Cobb's Landing to enjoy an authentic Colonial-style Thanksgiving, mayor Peggy Turner would be thankful for nothing more than a clue as to who killed her neighbor—a clue that didn't point to her.


A Coffeehouse Mystery
Cleo Coyle

Coffee has never been so trendy—or so deadly.

When one of her baristas unwittingly serves a poisonous latte to a prominent figure on the fashion scene, Clare Cosi must uncover some jolting secrets to save her shop.


Martin Davies

Even Sherlock Holmes needs help sometimes...

Londoners are turning out for the unveiling of the Malabar Rose—a rare and remarkable ruby—and the British debut of the Great Salmanazar. A magician and illusionist extraordinaire, Salmanazar is the talk of Europe—since whenever he appears abroad, daring thefts of famous jewelry coincide with his performances.

But after a special representative of the Home Secretary begs Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson to help guard the Malabar Rose, it vanishes under the most baffling of circumstances. Suspecting that the Great Salmanazar has used smoke-and-mirrors on Scotland Yard, the formidable Mrs. Hudson is called upon to give a lesson in criminal deduction to that most logical of minds—the great Sherlock Holmes.


New in Hardcover!
Sheldon Rusch

A killer inspired by a master of the macabre. A detective tracking the tell-tales signs of his crimes. A mystery that binds them in an ingenious nightmare.

The crime scene: a human skull impaled on a tree, trailing a colored ribbon. The twist was the gold-painted scarab. Special Agent Elizabeth Taylor Hewitt recognizes the tableau—only the first in a series of slayings honoring the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, and committed by a madman known only as The Raven.

Anticipating The Raven's next move, Hewitt seeks the help of her former lover, an expert on Poe. It's a race against time as they struggle to understand the motives of the killer—by delving into the twisted mind of literature's dark genius. But Hewitt herself becomes a pawn in The Raven's triumphant endgame: a magnificent and final homage...for Edgar.


A Fethering Mystery -
First time in Paperback!
Simon Brett

Jude and Carole Seddon investigate an elitist, hard- drinking group of businessmen after the suspicious suicide of the one of their inductees.


A Tea Shop Mystery
Laura Childs

Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning is catering a Charleston benefit, a "Ghost Crawl" through Jasmine Cemetery, when the organizer drops dead—and it looks like foul play. Theodosia stirs things up with her own investigation, and gets into hot water up to her neck.

Includes a recipe and tea-making tips!


A Feathering Mystery - New in Hardcover!
Simon Brett

The seaside town of Fethering is home to Carole Seddon and Jude and a place rife with foul play, as evidenced in the sixth mystery in the series.

Carole's son is getting married to a wonderful girl-with rather odd parents. Not only do they have no interest in meddling with wedding preparations, but the mere thought of publicizing the affair frightens them beyond words.

And when the father of the bride is found brutally murdered, Carole enlists Jude's help in finding an uninvited guest before the festivities become completely funereal.


A Joliffe Mystery
Margaret Frazer

Performing at the wedding of Sir Edmund Deneby's daughter, the player Joliffe has another task to perform--as a spy. As he uncovers the secrets of the Denebys' sordid history, it becomes clear that this wedding celebration is destined to end in tragedy.


First in a NEW Series!
Fiona Mountain

Natasha Blake is a detective with a difference. She's an ancestor detective, an ambitious young genealogist with a passion for history, whose choice of career is partly driven by the mystery of her own roots. Natasha's investigations are a matter of life and death, involving secrets, scandals and supernatural happenings; forgotten tragedies and buried crimes. The trails she must follow lead her from her Cotswold home to ancient houses, deserted chapels, overgrown graveyards and into cyberspace. Her clients could be anyone for whom the past affects the present - the haunted, the hopeful, or the just plain curious. The disappearance of a young girl, Bethany, appears to be linked in some way to Lizzie Siddall, the haunting, ethereal Pre-Raphaelite model and artist, wife of painter Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Lizzie's tragic life was cut short by an overdose of laudanum. Was it accident or suicide? Why is Bethany so obsessed with her, and at the same time so determined to put herself beyond the reach of her lover, Adam?