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SR Website Contests

Starting in March 2003, Sensual Romance, in conjunction with Writerspace, will be holding monthly contests to win books from sensual authors. Just visit this website and enter to win! More details will be forthcoming.

SR Discussion List Contests

We run fun and interactive monthly contests for the listmembers of our Sensual Romance discussion group ( The contests are open to all listmembers. The prizes are contributed by authors on the list and by Sensual Romance staff.

JANUARY 2003 - Walk on the Wilde Side

Author Janelle Denison is sponsoring our January contest, in honor of her Wilde Brothers stories!

So . . . to enter the contest, share your “wildest” lovemaking location with Sensual Romance. Yep, tell your fellow listmembers about the most unusual place or circumstances in which you’ve made love! Give us your best, sexiest, most daring spot. For those of you who’ve had a really, really exciting life -- you can enter multiple times by sending in more than one wild and wicked adventure.

PRIZE: The winner will be selected January 31 by random drawing from all entries sent to the list. The prize is donated by Janelle: a Wilde Thing tote bag filled with books, a blazing hot pot holder, quartz clock, magnet, keychain, notepad, pen, and other fun goodies!

DECEMBER 2002 - Reams of Reviews

To encourage people to visit the Sensual Romance Reviews website and help us increase the number of reviews on the site, we offered two ways to enter the contest:

  • Submit a review of a sensual book you’ve read.
  • Create a Theme Page on the SR Reviews website to recommend some of your favorite books.

    WINNERS! Sara Andrade and Laura Lane

    PRIZE: Each winner received a “gift basket” of books, e-book, music CD, mug, candy, and assorted goodies.

    NOVEMBER 2002 - Name That Newsletter!

    Sensual Romance publishes a monthly e-newsletter, listing upcoming releases, recent reviews, and other information of interest to readers of spicy, sexy romances. Well, we were tired of saying “the Sensual Romance monthly e-newsletter”. We needed a catchy name for it!

    WINNER! Patricia Crossley for SPICE (Sensual, Pleasing, Intoxicating, Clever, Exciting)

    PRIZE: A signed ARC of Emma Holly’s BEYOND SEDUCTION, a bookshelf mug filled with enticingly aromatic teas, and a candy-filled Christmas mug.

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