Interview with Jade Lawless

author of a novella in Red Sage's SECRETS VOLUME 7

SR: How did you get started writing? Jade: I've been writing since I was in grade school, mostly poems that I kept to myself. I put a lot of my creativity into little plays that my long time friend and I used put on our Barbies. They were usually private investigators getting Ken out of trouble.

SR: Tell us a bit about your story in Affaire de Coeur. Was that also a piece of erotica? Jade: No, my Affaire de Coeur short story was very tame, but fun. I won their first short story contest, about two battling lawyers stuck in an elevator that ended with a very sexy kiss.

SR: How did you end up writing for Red Sage and SECRETS? Jade: I heard about it through my chapter and sent in ten pages and a synopsis. Alexandria liked the story and asked for the rest. Having never written erotica, it was a real experience. I don't think I'll ever have trouble with love scenes again.

SR: Did you start out writing erotica? Jade: No, but I enjoyed it, especially since I could put in the paranormal aspects that I love.

SR: Do you have plans to explore any other genres in the future? Jade: If you mean leaving romance, that's a definite NO. It's my love and life. Though I do like to read other genres.

SR: THE WOMAN OF HIS DREAMS is a fantastic story of reincarnation and

love that refuses to die with time. Where did you get the idea for this story? Jade: I've always been fascinated with the idea of reincarnation and soul mates. I have several plot ideas involving this subject and hope to write more in the future.

SR: How did you do your research on the Indian culture? Your use of the language made the story very realistic. Jade: I spent lot's of time spent at Barnes & Noble skimming through books

and drinking Starbucks coffee. Since I'm apprenticing to be a Shaman, I have also delved into the spiritual and healing aspects of Native Americans in that way.

SR: Will Kelly be getting her own story in the future? I'm sure I'm not the only reader who would like to see some poor man take Kelly on. ;) Jade: I have the perfect man in mind, and yes, Kelly will definitely get her own story!

SR: SECRETS is known for pushing the envelope between romance and erotica - how does THE WOMAN OF HIS DREAMS push the envelope? Jade: I think it does push the envelope as far as love scenes, but there has to be love involved, not just sex. Otherwise I wouldn't be writing it.

SR: What do you consider the balance between erotica, romance, and plot to be? Do you prefer to write stories that are character driven or plot driven? Jade: Definitely character driven. I find myself forgiving a weak plot if the characters are interesting and entertaining.

SR: What all do you have planned for the future? Do you have any more stories planned to be published in SECRETS? Jade: Right now I'm working on a book about a young, beautiful witch, who's match-making aunt (also a witch) kidnaps an ATF agent. Of course they fall in love. . . I would love to have more stories published by Red Sage, it's been such a pleasure. However, at the moment I'm not working on anything specific.

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