All reviews are done by readers. There are no strict guidelines on the format of a review but our reader reviews serve as service to other readers.


You MUST be a member of the Sensual Romance List. Any and all members of Sensual Romance can write a review. You do not have to be professional or published by a review publication or website. The review can NOT be copyrighted by another site or publication.


Reviews should include the following information:

  • Book Title
  • Author
  • Publisher and ISBN number
  • Publish Date and price
  • Sensuality Guide
  • Synopsis of story
Be careful not to give spoilers. The synopsis should include setting, time and genre. Please include a sensuality guide to the content, for example, this story contains adultery, anal sex, homosexual activity, menage etc… just a guide so potential readers can judge according to their sensuality level. Your opinion should focus on the story.

Reviews can be negative or positive but either should have sound reasoning.


"This book is a wallbanger! "


"I did not enjoy this story because I felt the …"

Ratings should NOT be used. Do not give stars, hearts, bells, grades, etc. However, you may recommend the book or not.


Posting reviews on in a message is preferred so that all readers get a chance to read the review. Please use the 'subject header' REVIEW so your review is easy to identify.

All reviews will be archived at the website for reference.

DO NOT post reviews copyrighted by any other site. If you have written a review that appears on another site, you can tell the list and include a link to it but do not post it. We do not want to violate anyone's copyright policies.

If you wish to submit a review but do not have email access (perhaps you read from the website) you can send the review to


Send your name, mailing information and preference to to be added to the reviewer list. We will maintain a list of reader reviewers for publishers/authors who wish to have sensual fiction books reviewed.

AUTHORS -- want your book reviewed?

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Sensual Romance books are about the spicier side of romance, the romantic element of indulgence in sexual pleasure, including sexual fantasy and games, passionate activities that are just a little bit naughty. In erotic literature, we focus on the softer side, the romantic erotica.

We are tolerant of a wide array of sexual tastes and practices. However, we will not accept for review any stories that advocate or condone any of the following:

~  sex with minors

~  non-consensual sex

~  long-term bdsm (such as slave scenarios)

~  physical torture

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