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    July Contests at Writerspace

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    Paula Graves is offering one lucky winner a $20 egiftcard to Barnes & Noble OR Amazon.com (winner’s choice). If no choice is specified, Paula will send an Amazon.com giftcard.

    Cooper Justice: One family determined to do what’s right

    CASE FILE: CANYON CREEK, WYOMING (originally published January 2010 in Harlequin Intrigue #1183)

    A quiet vacation in Wyoming turns deadly when Hannah Cooper becomes the target of a serial killer. After she survives the attack, Sheriff Riley Patterson appoints himself her protector. Beneath his solemn exterior hides a hard-driving sheriff who will stop at nothing to catch a killer. He promises Hannah safety, but it’s the danger he poses that draws her in.

    CHICKASAW COUNTY CAPTIVE (originally published February 2010 in Harlequin Intrigue #1189)

    When someone tries to kidnap his daughter, Jefferson County D.A. Sam Cooper demands protection. That means working with a distractingly attractive detective, Kristen Tandy. But as the truth of Kristen’s past is slowly revealed, Sam realizes just how desperate someone is for her to remain silent....

    To enter the contest, just CLICK HERE and then fill out the entry form.

    On Sale 07-15-14!

    Laura Griffin is giving away a Kindle Paperwhite to celebrate the release of HIT AND RUN, book #2 in the Moreno & Hart Mystery series with Allison Brennan. HIT AND RUN comes out July 21 and is available for pre-order now.

    HIT AND RUN Synopsis:
    New York Times bestselling and award winning authors Allison Brennan and Laura Griffin team up for their second book featuring the unforgettable Southern California detective duo, Moreno & Hart.

    Danger comes from all sides as private investigators Scarlet Moreno and Krista Hart tackle two new cases.


    Scarlet Moreno gets a panicked call from long-time friend Jason Jones, an LAPD street cop wanted for killing his girlfriend. Paranoid with no one to trust, he reaches out to Scarlet for help. Before they can figure out who set him up, a SWAT team descends, Jason runs, and Scarlet is left with questions she can’t answer when the police show up. She’s determined to prove Jason innocent, but the cops want him behind bars and someone else wants him dead. As Scarlet digs deeper into the murky case, she realizes that whoever is framing Jason wants her dead, too—and it might connect to the ambush that nearly killed her and Krista three years ago.

    and RUN...

    Krista Hart doesn’t want to team up with rival private detective R.J. Flynn. And she definitely doesn’t want to help an unscrupulous trial lawyer get away with murder. But when R.J. pulls her into his latest high-profile case, Krista realizes that nothing about the murder of a beautiful Laguna Beach housewife is quite what it seems. Krista sets out to uncover the truth—no matter whose side it helps—and manages to provoke all the wrong people, including a vicious murderer who won’t hesitate to kill again and then make a run.

    Visit her site to enter the contest - http://www.lauragriffin.com

    On Sale 07-21-14!

    Shirley Hailstock is offering one lucky winner a digital (eBook) copy of MORE THAN GOLD (winner to indicate their choice of digital format, e.g., Kindle, Nook, PDF, etc.)

    WRONG TURN Synopsis:

    Nancy Emerson is back in Craggs Station. She’s not a prodigal daughter after being responsible for the death of the town’s favorite son, but she needs closure and Craggs Station is the only place she’ll find it. When she discovers a plate of oatmeal-raisin cookies on her doorstep, her life changes as she finally finds someone who believes her story.

    Alexander Hayes is also in Craggs Station, but he has a secret that directly affects his beautiful neighbor. It could either make her love him or hate him.

    See if Craggs Station can provide the homecoming Nancy is looking for and whether Alex will be part of that change.

    To enter the contest, just CLICK HERE and then fill out the entry form.

    On Sale NOW!

    Carolyn Haines is offering one lucky winner a signed copy of THE SEEKER, A Mystery at Walden Pond novel, writing as R. B. Chesterton.

    BOOTY BONES, A Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery #14 — Available Now!:

    Sarah Booth Delaney’s fiancé, Graf Milieu, has become depressed while recovering from a severe leg injury, but Sarah Booth knows just how to help him heal. She’s arranged a romantic getaway for the two of them at a lovely beach cottage on Dauphin Island off the Gulf Coast. On the first day of their island adventure, they take a historical tour led by Angela Trotter, a young woman well-versed in local lore, including rumors of pirate treasure hidden somewhere on the island. In fact, Angela confides to Sarah Booth and Graf that her father, a sailor and treasure hunter, was murdered just when he thought he was closing in on the treasure. Angela’s convinced that the wrong man was imprisoned for her father’s murder, and she manages to persuade Sarah Booth to take the case. And Sarah Booth soon realizes that there’s much more going on than meets the eye. With untold amounts of treasure offering plenty of motive for murder and a fiancé falling deeper into depression, Sarah Booth’s peaceful island vacation is quickly spinning out of control.

    To enter the contest, just CLICK HERE and then fill out the entry form.

    On Sale NOW!

    On Sale NOW!
    Sandra Hill is offering one lucky winner *a special prize*.                                                                                                                

    Visit http://www.sandrahill.net and enter now!

    On Sale NOW!

    Madeline Hunter is celebrating the recent release of Book Four of the Fairbourne Quartet, THE ACCIDENTAL DUCHESS, by offering one lucky winner a $25 gift card to the winner’s online bookseller of choice.                                                                                        

    She invites you to drop by her site, http://www.madelinehunter.com to enter the contest.

    On Sale NOW!

    Summer is here, which means it’s time to grab a beach read and head outdoors! With that in mind, for the month of July, Julie James is giving away a signed copy of IT HAPPENED ONE WEDDING, her new New York Times and USA Today bestseller, along with a $25 gift card to either Amazon or Barnes & Noble (winner’s choice).

    To enter, visit the contest page at Julie’s website.

    On Sale NOW!

    Joan Johnston is offering one lucky winner a $100 Amazon OR Barnes & Noble gift card (winner’s choice).

    From genteel Boston to the wilds of Montana, she is searching for a safe haven for her family—and finds unexpected love.

    Having lost her beloved husband, a whaling captain, to a watery grave, Molly Gallagher refuses to risk more heartbreak. Determined to keep her headstrong son from following in his father’s footsteps, she agrees to become the mail-order bride of a Montana country doctor. She tells her new husband that she can never give her love to another man; what she doesn’t tell him is that she has a young daughter and a rebellious teenage son.

    Molly’s ruse might have worked, but Seth Kendrick has secrets of his own: a willful daughter determined to end the marriage before it even begins—and a double life keeping his neighbors safe from outlaws. In an untamed land of vigilante justice, Molly has no choice but to trust this gray-eyed stranger whose stubbornness matches her own, whose kisses unleash flash floods of desire—and who may be the one man in a million who could win her fiery, faithful heart.

    Originally published December 2009. This edition is a reprint with a new cover.

    To enter the contest, just CLICK HERE and then fill out the entry form.

    On Sale 07-15-14!

    Lisa Renee Jones is offering one lucky winner a $10 Amazon.com Gift Card!                                                                                          

    To enter the contest, just CLICK HERE and then fill out the entry form.

    On Sale 07-07-14!

    Nicole Jordan is offering one lucky winner a lovely vintage-inspired pair of earrings and a signed copy of Nicole’s second sizzling Legendary Lovers novel, LOVER BE MINE.

    Stunning sensuality and breathtaking romance mark this dazzling new Legendary Lovers tale from New York Times bestselling author Nicole Jordan, where an extraordinary beauty teaches a handsome, reclusive “beast” to love again.

    The most charming Wilde cousin, Lady Skye has secretly loved the enigmatic Earl of Hawkhurst since girlhood, long before the tragedy that left him scarred both physically and emotionally. When Skye learns that the celebrated hero has returned to England from his self-imposed exile to make a cold marriage of convenience, she brazenly plants herself on his castle doorstep, determined to convince Hawk that she alone is his true mate and destiny.

    An elite member of the Guardians of the Sword, Hawk has vowed never again to risk the pain of loving—but that’s before he deals with the most enchanting, annoyingly persistent seductress he’s ever encountered. One night of blazing passion leaves him impossibly torn. Will Hawk choose duty over love, or will he open his heart and let Skye’s healing light penetrate his darkness?

    Visit her site at http://www.nicolejordanauthor.com to enter.

    On Sale NOW!

    To celebrate the recent release of her new book LOVE YOUR ENTITY (which received a highly-coveted Starred Review from Library Journal!), Cat Devon (aka Cathie Linz) is giving away a signed copy of SLEEPING WITH THE ENTITY.

    Just sign up at http://www.cathielinz.com for a chance to win!

    On Sale NOW!

    Kat Martin is offering one lucky winner a $25 Amazon gift card and autographed copies of both THE DREAM and THE SILENT ROSE unless eBook is chosen (winner can choose between paperback, nook or kindle editions).

    THE SUMMET synopsis:
    The dream came again and again—a little girl abducted from her own yard...

    Autumn Sommers knows the danger of ignoring such powerful omens. Twelve years earlier, she could have prevented a tragic accident if only she had acted on those horrible nightmares. This time, she knows what she has to do.

    Her research into local missing persons suggests that the girl in Autumn’s dreams could be Molly, the daughter of businessman Ben McKenzie. Still emotionally shattered from his loss and unwilling to trust this stranger, Ben is angered rather than relieved to hear her theory that Molly is still alive. Certain that she may be the girl’s only chance, Autumn persists, until Ben grudgingly agrees to explore this tiny, if improbable, shred of hope.

    As Autumn’s dreams become more and more vivid, she and Ben pursue their leads...leads that point to more murders, and to the only person in control of whether they live...or die.

    To enter Kat Martin’s contest, CLICK HERE!

    Dale Mayer is offering one lucky winner a $15 Amazon.com Gift Card..                                                                                        

    Stop by www.DaleMayer.com to enter the contest.

    On Sale NOW

    Cheyenne McCray is offering one lucky winner a signed trade paperback edition of ROPING YOUR HEART.

    Check out HIDDEN PREY: — available now in eBook and trade paperback formats!

    New York Times best selling author Cheyenne McCray returns to steamy romantic suspense with a high-octane thriller about a woman running from a Mexican cartel and the man determined to protect her.

    Tori Cox, a talented and sought after musician, heads back to her roots in a small southwest town in Arizona as she flees an abusive relationship. When she arrives in Bisbee, she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time—and witnesses the execution of a Federal agent by none other than the son of El Demonio, the head of the Jimenez Cartel. Tori and everyone she loves is now in danger as the cartel comes after her before she can testify.

    Landon Walker, a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security, rescues Tori when he sees the beautiful woman running from members of one of the most ruthless cartels in the world. He sets out to protect her, but soon protecting her isn’t enough. The fire between them makes him want her in a way that he’s never wanted another woman, despite his wounded heart.

    Diego Montego Jimenez will do everything in his power to kill the young American woman who threatens his business and family. No one lives to testify against the Jimenez Cartel. Landon isn’t about to let the cartel get hold of Tori. He’ll go to the ends of the earth and back to protect her—and show her he’s never letting her go.

    To enter the contest and to receive Cheyenne’s newsletter, just CLICK HERE and then fill out the entry form.

    On Sale NOW!

    Continue the seduction with TEMPT ME by Lucy Monroe which will be rereleased as an eBook this summer. Enjoy the sweet sensation of a Dark Kiss body products and succulent chocolates as you dive into this historical trilogy.                                                                                                                                             

    Visit her website at http://lucymonroe.com to enter.

    On Sale 09-16-14!

    Enter the July contest for a chance to win a selection of previously released NAL/Signet/Obsidian books. Note: the images shown are books on sale this month and NOT part of the contest prize.

    Visit the NAL/Signet/Obsidian Authors site to read excerpts from current releases, upcoming releases, and find out about your favorite NAL/Signet/Obsidian authors.

    On Sale NOW!

    Waterford Bowl & HARBOR ISLAND ARC

    Await Carla Neggers’ July Contest Winner

    Carla Neggers’ star-crossed FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan are back in July and August in two heart-stopping journeys from Boston to Ireland to the rocky coast of Maine: DECLAN’S CROSS (July 29 mass market paperback) and HARBOR ISLAND (August 26 hardcover).

    As a tribute to Emma and Donovan, Carla has selected the perfect July prize package: an exquisite 8.5” Marquis Waterford Honour bowl and another gem, an Advance Reading Copy of HARBOR ISLAND. Three additional July readers will each win a copy of DECLAN’S CROSS.


    Ten years ago, art was stolen from a mansion in DECLAN’S CROSS, but it has never been recovered, nor the elusive thief ever been caught. Now Emma and Colin are in the idyllic Irish seaside village visiting marine biologist Julianne Maroney when her friend goes missing. As a dark conspiracy unfolds amid the breathtaking scenery, the race is on to stop a ruthless killer, and the stakes have never been more personal for Emma and Colin.

    Readers, check this value: DECLAN’S CROSS includes a $2-off coupon on August’s HARBOR POINT.

    A peek at HARBOR POINT: Beach read of the summer! Emma receives a message that leads her to the body of a woman on a small island in Boston Harbor, and that ten-year-old at heist comes home to roost. Emma and her now-fiancé, Colin, must face do-or-die questions about their relationship and outsmart one of the smartest, most ruthless killers they’ve ever encountered!

    Readers, more value for your dollar: HARBOR ISLAND and DECLAN’S CROSS contain a bonus read, ROCK POINT, a Sharpe & Donovan prequel novella!

    Check www.CarlaNeggers.com for Sharpe & Donovan excerpts!

    To enter Carla’s contest, CLICK HERE!

    Molly O’Keefe is offering one lucky winner a signed copy of WILD CHILD.                                                                                                                         

    Visit http://www.molly-okeefe.com and enter now!

    On Sale NOW!

    On Sale 07-15-14!
    To celebrate the release of Carly Phillips’ July book, DARE TO SURRENDER on 7/15, Carly is giving away a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Don’t miss Carly’s foray into first person point of view, along with a hot sizzling trip to the island of Eden. Pre-order DARE TO SURRENDER at Amazon and iBooks and BUY on 7/15 wherever eBooks are sold and in print on Amazon and BN.com! DARE TO LOVE & DARE TO DESIRE are on sale now at all online e-retailers, in print and audio. And remember — there’s always something new at www.carlyphillips.com ... including buy links and Carly’s social media info! Dare to Want More ... with NY Times Bestseller Carly Phillips!

    Visit her website at http://www.carlyphillips.com to enter.

    On Sale NOW!

    Candice Poarch is offering one lucky winner a digital (eBook) copy (Kindle or Nook) of the first two books in the Fifty Gone Wild series, CHRISTMAS GONE WILD and SLIPPERY SLOPE.                                                                                                                         

    To enter the contest, just CLICK HERE and then fill out the entry form.

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